A peek into the new studio

For a month now I’ve moved into a new stu­dio. The pre­vi­ous one had been a spa­cious room occu­pied by at most 18 people, and while for­tu­nately (and not inev­it­ably) it’s always been pleas­ant com­pany, a couple of times the vibes haven’t been the ones in favour of pro­duct­ive work. A lot depended on how solidly you could anchor your­self to your little space, prefer­ably shiel­ded by a wall or two. Most of them had bad light of some sort and each had ter­rible acous­tics, though any­way, most of the HGB is built in such a way that you can­not under­stand what someone’s say­ing from three metres away.

Now we’re six people with much more space per cap­ita. There is less wall­space but that just means going for a more delib­er­ate selec­tion of what to hang and what to store elsewhere.

As for the work vibes – they’re down­right fant­ast­ic, except that we waste a lot of time gloat­ing about how our stu­di­o’s surely the best room in Leipzig at least if not far bey­ond the city even. Otherwise we’re get­ting lots of stuff done.

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