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Once upon a time there’s two guys in uni­ver­sity, en route to become math­em­aticians. Occasionally saun­ter­ing into their vari­ous oth­er interests, they did­n’t arrive at that destination.

Looking for their very paths in life, start­ing from a com­mon like for maths and his­tory, they met when one hos­ted the oth­er, who sug­ges­ted a bike trip.

Nelson writ­ing to and con­fus­ing Leon, spring 2015

And the des­tin­a­tions changed. Today one is a pro­gram­mer, the oth­er an artist. Both nev­er for­got where they star­ted: math­em­aticians, dis­cuss­ing his­tory on a bike, saun­ter­ing over what’s left of Europe.


On our first trip, the bike trip of 2015, when just super­fi­cially updat­ing our social media about our adven­tures, a friend cas­u­ally men­tioned that we should have a blog to keep up with the anec­dotes. Leon, of course, com­plained: that such a pro­ject would just steal the time to have some­thing to write about, would­n’t it?

We decided to take the chal­lenge some time after. Dealing with the time to write our thoughts is an adven­ture on its own. If this can be seen as our own diar­ies, then it’s at the very least not a daily one. We write what we want, we share what we believe. We do so when we can.

In the mean time: where are we and what are we doing now?


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