Lonely Day, Sad Day

Powstanie warszawskie

A day like today – I know it’s yes­ter­day, but allow me please the time-shift, due to my night-owl habits – is one of those sad days almost by definition.

Of all the mil­lion things I could write about, of all those trips and plans and life-chan­ging moments and what­not. There is one I want to write about first.

Today, on my first 1st of August in Poland, little before listen­ing the most spine-chilling alarms of war, I was read­ing of anoth­er war being held very close to me. This deserves two explanations:

For the first one

And the second

On the second video, if you don’t know Spanish, please just google it, allow me for once the license to skip the sad work, I had enough today.

I can­’t help to get emotive. My entire body trembled when I heard those alarms today. My heart cried to hear, so loud, all of a sud­den, the scream of our mis­takes in man­kind. I believe any­body who has talked to me for a few minutes knows that, even though I was born in Venezuela, I don’t feel such iden­tity. I’m inher­ently and deep-heartedly European. But there is a bond. Even if not so cul­tur­al, even if there I’m a for­eign­er. There is a moth­er who’s cry­ing, who was cen­sored and attacked in the protests a long time ago. I was lucky she took me out of there at a very young age, when all that mess was just start­ing. Otherwise today, I would be in the front to fight. My life would have been so dif­fer­ent, and most likely for the worse.

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