Malloc Alone, a story of the Computer’s Memory

Malloc Alone - Virtual Memory, Garbage Collection, Allocators, Ownership Semantics

This week I did­n’t have the chance to pub­lish anoth­er blog post, because I was busy pre­par­ing an actu­al present­a­tion of the con­tents I’ve been releas­ing recently here. I’m very proud to intro­duce you to this beau­ti­ful piece of education:

A story of how little mal­loc had to live alone, be ignored and looked down on, and under­go the very hard task of tak­ing care of Memory all by itself. And how the ker­nel and the com­piler helped him even­tu­ally, vir­tu­al­ising memory. And how the Garbage Collector, and Ownership Semantics, came to help as well.

Recommended if you’re just start­ing with com­puters and want to learn some import­ant stuff about memory, or even if you’re already a pro­fes­sion­al pro­gram­mer who nev­er got a good over­view of what’s going on under the lay­ers of abstrac­tion, as it can prove use­ful when you face any kind of prob­lem related to memory man­age­ment or Garbage Collectors. Hope you like it and please feel free to come to me with ques­tions, or any kind of con­struct­ive feedback.

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On the news side, be pre­pared to read not only about com­puters and arts as we usu­ally write, but about some trips com­ing in the near future, finally.

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