Du mich auch! (same to you!)


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Zinc etch­ing (line, open etch­ing and aquatint) and dry­po­int, 18×24 cm (plate size), 2020. Limited edi­tion of 6, numbered and signed.

This is around the tree­house we had built as kids in the Westerwald. The crown­ing achieve­ment in a long suc­ces­sion of ever-more-spa­cious tree­houses, to be pre­cise: Three stor­ies bal­an­cing pre­cari­ously on a dirt cliff over the stream, a ramp with a dun­geon under­neath a trap­door, liv­ing quar­ters in the west wing and a throne room on the bel étage …

Over the years, the inhab­it­ants of that palace were some­times prone to war, though. One time, when there was enmity, J. snatched one of my favour­ite sabres (an eleg­antly curved piece of hazel­nut labor­i­ously carved clean all around that I got as a present by one Carinthian princeling I used to know). Can’t say I’m not mad anymore.


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