Himmel & Erde (Heaven & Earth)


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Book, edi­tion of 24, Leipzig 2019. 36 pages: 28 ori­gin­al wood­cuts; as well as 6 chapter titles, impres­sum etc. set and prin­ted by hand in Post-Antiqua. Hand-made Japanese bind­ing. For an over­view of all con­tents, look here.

28 wood­cuts from Mecklenburg – cut and prin­ted by me, after 14 draw­ings of my own and 14 from friends and col­leagues. The two nouns in “Himmel & Erde” each have at least two equi­val­ents in English suit­able here, res­ult­ing in “Heaven/Sky & Earth/Ground”. I have to be a nit­pick­er here because while the obvi­ous read­ing would of course be “Heaven & Earth” by all means – with “Sky and Earth” as a dis­tant run­ner-up allud­ing to the land­scape theme –, there’s a third mean­ing. “Himmel & Erde” also describes a dish pop­u­lar all across Northern Germany, and sure we had it on that trip to Mecklenburg, too. Essentially it’s mashed pota­toes mixed with like­wise mashed apples – Erdäpfel und Himmeläpfel, “ground apples” and “sky apples”. Accordingly, you’ll find the recipe next to the impressum.


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