Still far from ready

Hello every­one! Hello to the half dozen of our old read­ers!, hello to you, fresh follower!

These are Leon and Nelson writ­ing to you. We’ve had a little blog affair run­ning here a couple of years (de cuyo número no quiero acor­darme) ago, start­ing with our bike trip from Paris to Rome and there­after con­tinu­ing at a slow pace with bits and pieces of whatever inter­ested us at the time.

We’ve always tried to play it cool and to not fall into the stand­ard travel blog tropes. That’s not to say it’s improved the read­ing exper­i­ence. Our hall­mark fea­tures include obtuse allu­sions to things you could­n’t know and we were to lazy to tell; haphaz­ard top­ic­al jumps between memory man­age­ment and baroque paint­ing tech­nique; plenty of vain ref­er­ences to places you haven’t been to; and an update sched­ule as reli­able as Ligurian roadworks.

It’s April 2022 (scary large num­ber), and we’re try­ing … the same? … some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent? … – in fact, we’ll just have more coher­ent stuff to talk about now. Plenty of water­’s run down the Rivers Wisła Pleiße Seine Ems; plenty of things we used to won­der about are clear­er now and plenty of new ques­tions loom behind the next corner.

And even in case we can­’t keep post­ing mor­ale on a high forever, rest assured that at least through­out this sum­mer we’ll keep you enter­tained – for there’s a new bike trip on the hori­zon. Leon’s in Paris again – this time for a some­what longer stay than usu­al, whose rent con­tract fin­ishes the 30th of June. That’s when we’ll meet up and start going East again, even­tu­ally towards Leipzig, though prob­ably with a hun­dred detours and squiggles and zig-zag and back-and-forth and will-you-look-at-this-thing! and fuck-we-took-a-wrong-turn-thirty-kilo­met­ers-ago! and and and …

… and we’ll tell you all about it, of course!

A new album page (detail from a still-life by Sebastian Stoskopff, Louvre)

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