Copy, cover, afterimage

Almost exactly one year ago I paid a vis­it to Amsterdam, tak­ing the oppor­tun­ity while still liv­ing a stone­’s throw from the Netherlands, and just before mov­ing to faraway Leipzig. A work­ing trip, as usu­al, ded­ic­at­ing to check­ing out all the Rembrandts and Vincents. Of course I had planned to write extens­ive blo­g­posts at the […]

Che cazzo guarda!?” – Cruising through Toscana

The other side of the Apennines, at night

Last Monday was a very mem­or­able day. What an absurdly long, moun­tain­ous, sur­pris­ing, grue­some day, so exhaust­ing that my quadri­ceps halved their length out of ten­sion, my brakes boiled eggs out of heat, my water bottles expan­ded out of plead­ing for water, my sweat glands digi-evolved into foun­tains, and I’m going to stop with the […]