Missive from the midway

Dijon meal time: tuna, sausages and bread

Fancy lunch – tuna and wien­er saus­ages on, for lack of baguette, crumbly bis­cuits – in the vast empti­ness between Châtillon and Dijon. Appropriately, the closest vil­lage is named “Salives”. Nothing says “bike trip” like absurd last meals before insur­mount­able climbs of (cen­sored, so as not to fright­en my com­pan­ions) metres. Imagine, a land­slide would […]

When you just partially understand

Château de Chambord, a king Francis' affair, with Da Vinci and Polish heaters involved

Welcome to France. The land that made Caesar’s career, the coun­try that gave us Charlemagne, a place where you can­not name your pig Napoleon. A coun­try fam­ous for its wine, its cheese, and its gen­er­al soph­ist­ic­a­tion. A coun­try where if I listen to some­thing I par­tially under­stand ‑which hap­pens very often‑, I auto­mat­ic­ally con­sider it […]