There’s a shop!

And now for but a quick announce­ment! Per pop­u­lar request (and also my land­lord’s insist­ence that I need to pay some rent) there’s now a shop on this site for all that stuff I’m mak­ing. Right now it’s all prints; if there’s demand for it, I shall provide some draw­ings as well.

I don’t and won’t ever offer any­thing but ori­gin­als here. There are no repro­duc­tions for sale, only ori­gin­al etch­ings, engrav­ings and woodcuts.

I’m glad to receive some feed­back, just drop a com­ment if any­thing’s awry. So far I’ve tried to keep the shop page fairly min­im­al­ist­ic without more-than-tech­nic­al descrip­tions, hope­fully you don’t require the sleazy adspeak I could­n’t be bothered to type. Search for a series, for a place or for a medi­um … well, right now, the total amount of works should­n’t be too large to get lost in, but trust that I’m going to change that as quick as possible …

Have fun, and bet­ter check from time to time what more cool stuff there’s going to be!

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