Travels in pictures – part I

Popular demand (believe it or not!) made me do it: Over the course of the next few days I’m going to post the travel draw­ings and prints of the last few years. Today starts with my per­son­al book of gen­es­is, the ink draw­ings from 2016’s Paris – Rome tour. Next in the queue are the etch­ings designed after these draw­ings, the doc­u­ment­a­tion of the recent short jour­ney east­wards and finally the exper­i­ments from last sum­mer in France. I’ll keep the tech­nic­al notes about which I’m usu­ally ram­bling too much to a minimum.


If any of these draw­ings depict a place or a scene of great sig­ni­fic­ance, it’s by pure chance: Generally, their choice has been dic­tated by where we could sit down, in the dry, with no press­ing busi­ness ahead of us. Hence long gaps, no Paris nor Rome (but why did I not draw the pope!?), plenty of ran­dom coun­tryside loc­a­tions – after two months I had 18 canon­ic­al draw­ings in my bag, and about half a year later two more intric­ate remakes joined the set.

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