Travels in pictures – part II

Half a year after depart­ing towards Rome, long since hav­ing returned back home, I got my first wee etch­ing press. Starting from scratch, what bet­ter way to learn intaglio print­mak­ing than to pro­cess the pre­vi­ous trip draw­ings? Their tech­nic­al and styl­ist­ic vari­ety was such that I’d have to try the entire spec­trum of etch­ing techniques.

Of the 18 draw­ings, about half have been done. Many required sev­er­al plates till I was con­tent, some of the fol­low­ing still do; some draw­ings don’t war­rant a print at all. Probably three to five are still to fol­low, includ­ing one huge plate at least equal to Pontarlier if not more intric­ate, the print of the Siena pan­or­ama. The rest, roughly in order of print­ing, look thus:

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